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Did you know... EXTENDED EVICTION MORATORIUMS! The Burien City Council voted Thursday to keep its eviction moratorium in place until Governor Inslee says Washington is no longer in a state of emergency.  Mayor Harrell extended Seattle’s eviction moratorium through February 14, 2022.  Burien’s eviction moratorium prohibits evictions for non-payment of rent while Seattle’s prohibits evictions for any reason other than imminent […]
Did you know... PROPOSED LANDLORD/TENANT LAW The legislature is at it again!  House Bill 1300 and Senate Bill 5576 are draft bills proposing legislation intended to protect tenant deposits. The measures include the following provisions: Require more detailed move in/move out inspection reports. Require the housing provider to provide documentation of estimates or invoices for cleaning or repair before retaining any […]
Did you know... HAPPY NEW YEAR
Did you know... RENT INCREASES IN SEATTLE There are a number of unknowns when it comes to a rent increase in Seattle. Under Seattle’s new rent increase ordinance, tenants must be given a six-month notice of a rent increase.  This is not a commitment to lease the property, just a notice that the rent will be going up. 60 to 90 days prior […]
Did you know... TENANT IN A RENTAL – HOUSE FOR SALE Under the new “Just Cause Eviction” state law, landlords can give a 90-day notice that a tenant must vacate if the owner wants to sell a single-family home.  According to this law, within 30 days of the tenant vacating the rental, the landlord must list the property for sale, “At a reasonable price with a […]
Did you know... HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2021!
Did you know... WHAT IS REASONABLE? There is a difference between a reasonable accommodation and a reasonable modification.  Landlords must agree to either as long as the request is reasonable and is related to a disability.  HUD says the landlord may deny the request if it places, “an undue financial or administrative burden on the housing provider or alters the fundamental […]
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Did you know... SHRINKING RENTAL HOME AVAILABILITIES Nationally, according to a survey by the National Rental Home Council, about 23% of small landlords, those owning between one and three single-family homes, planned to sell at least one property due to difficulties caused by the eviction ban. A report by Reuters finds that small landlords impacted by COVID and the resulting regulations are […]
Did you know... RENT INCREASES IN SEATTLE The bill the Seattle City Council recently passed requiring 180 days’ notice for rent increases takes effect next month.  The relocation-assistance requirement takes effect in July 2022. Any notice of rent increase requires specific language, font size and formatting:  RIGHT TO LEGAL COUNSEL: CITY LAW PROVIDES RENTERS WHO ARE UNABLE TO PAY FOR AN ATTORNEY […]
Did you know... SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL = MORE REGULATION The Seattle City Council recently passed two new rental ordinances?  One requires a six-month notice of any rent increase.  The other requires the landlord to pay moving costs to any low-income tenant who vacates because of a cumulative rent increase of 10% or more. Low-income is defined as no greater than 80% of median income. […]
Did you know... NO EVICTIONS – MORE OF THE SAME The governor’s bridge proclamation was just extended through October 31, 2021.  The purpose is to, “to allow more time for local jurisdictions to distribute rental assistance funding.”  Landlords can raise rents with a 60-day notice and can give a 90-day notice to vacate in most locations if the owner wants to sell or move into […]
Did you know... Eviction Resolution Program – Washington State After the governor’s bridge proclamation expires on September 30, 2021, a landlord can serve a notice to pay or vacate on tenants with unpaid rent. The notice must include a copy of the Eviction Resolution Program (ERPP) Notice and copies of both notices must be sent to the dispute resolution center (DRC) serving the county in […]
Did you know... MORE RULES – MORE CONFUSION The King County Council passed an ordinance regarding rentals which went into effect on July 16, 2021?  This ordinance applies to all rental properties in King County that are outside of city limits. (Unincorporated) The new law includes the following provisions: The maximum monthly late fee is 1.5% of one month’s rent. Landlords may not require […]
Did you know... WHEN IS LEASE NOT A LEASE? When it’s a residential lease! The recent Just Cause and Mandatory Lease Renewal law differentiates between a term lease and a month-to-month rental agreement. If a tenant has consistently signed a term lease, a lease with at least a six-month term, the landlord can give a 60-day notice to vacate at the end of the term without a stated cause.  If the tenant […]
Did you know... RENT PRICES AND THE MORATORIUM Although rent prices decreased by as much as 20% during the pandemic, rents in some areas are rising again.  The governor’s eviction moratorium included a prohibition against rent increases from March 2020 through June 2021.  Now that rents can be increased with a 60-day notice, some landlords are trying to recoup income lost during the […]
Did you know... BUYING A HOME – BEWARE!!!! Washington’s new Just Cause Eviction Ordinance applies to home sellers in possession after closing. The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance requires a landlord to state a reason for terminating a month-to-month rental agreement.  There are 16 reasons allowable under the state law and the amount of time required depends on the reason cited.  If the sellers […]
Did you know... STATE LANDLORD REQUIREMENTS That state law requires landlords to take specific steps prior to taking legal action against a tenant for non-payment of rent? •         No action make be taken until the county where the rental property is located can attest that the county has a functioning rental assistance program and eviction resolution program. •         If county has […]
Did you know... WASHINGTON STATE EVICTION MORATORIUM The state eviction moratorium was extended and modified through the end of September.  The governor’s “bridge” proclamation prohibits evictions for non-payment of past due rent, “until such time as the resources and programs established by the Legislature are in place and operational.”  Furthermore, evictions for non-payment of future rent – August 1 through September 30, […]
Did you know... CONFUSED?? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That the state eviction moratorium was extended through the end of September?  Some landlords have been holding off on signing new leases with their tenants because they have been hoping to raise rents.  No rent increases have been allowed for the last 15 months and although no legal action has been allowed against tenants who […]