Did you know... November 29, 2021


Under the new “Just Cause Eviction” state law, landlords can give a 90-day notice that a tenant must vacate if the owner wants to sell a single-family home.  According to this law, within 30 days of the tenant vacating the rental, the landlord must list the property for sale, “At a reasonable price with a realty agency or advertise it for sale at a reasonable price by listing it on the real estate multiple listing service.” 

What happens to the buyer if the seller does not give proper notice of his/her plan to sell?

Since the buyer of the rental house cannot cite an intention to sell as a reason for a notice to vacate, if the tenant does not vacate prior to closing, the buyer may be required to initiate a new legal action to remove the tenant.  After closing, the buyer could give a 90-day notice to vacate due to their intention to personally occupy the property.  Not much help if the moving van is due to arrive, is it?

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