Did you know... June 28, 2021


That the state eviction moratorium was extended through the end of September?  Some landlords have been holding off on signing new leases with their tenants because they have been hoping to raise rents.  No rent increases have been allowed for the last 15 months and although no legal action has been allowed against tenants who did not pay rent, landlords’ obligations to maintain the property, pay mortgages and property taxes were not deferred.

Landlords who are considering their options now need to remember the provisions of the new state Just Cause Eviction law.  Landlords can no longer give a notice to vacate without a reason unless the tenant has consistently signed leases of at least six months.  As long as the lease has not reverted to a month-to-month rental agreement, the landlord may, at the end of the lease, give a 60-day notice to vacate without a stated reason.  The only exception to the requirement for consistent term leases is at the end of the eviction moratorium.  As long as landlords sign a new term lease within three months of the end of the eviction moratorium, the option of a 60-day notice without a stated cause remains available.

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