Did you know... April 18, 2022


Before giving a notice to vacate because a landlord wants to sell a rental, the owner must determine which laws apply and what type of property the investment property is considered to be.  Besides state law, there are numerous local laws that may take precedence.  State law allows a landlord to give a 90-day notice to vacate if a landlord wants to sell a single-family residence.  In Seattle, a landlord may give a 90-day notice to vacate if the property is a single-family dwelling unit. 

State law defines a “single-family residence” as a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit. Notwithstanding that a dwelling unit shares one or more walls with another dwelling unit, it shall be deemed a single-family residence if it has direct access to a street and shares neither heating facilities nor hot water equipment, nor any other essential facility or service, with any other dwelling unit.

Seattle defines a single-family dwelling units as detached structures that contain one dwelling unit.  The law specifically says that a condo, apartment, duplex, triplex, or townhome are specifically excluded.

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