Did you know... March 21, 2022


Multiple (Lots & Lots) of changes to the Landlord Tenant Act were recently passed by the legislature.

2019-2020 Legislative Session

HB 1440 requires a 60-day notice for rent increases.  Local laws may increase the time required. 

HB 1462 requires a 120-day notice to terminate any tenancy due to demolition, substantial renovation requiring a permit or change of use of any rental property.

HB 1138 allows any tenant who is a member of the armed forces, including the national guard and armed forces reserves, or that tenant’s spouse or dependent, to terminate a rental agreement with less than twenty days’ written notice if the tenant receives permanent change of station or deployment orders that do not allow a twenty-day written notice.

HB 1694 requires landlords to permit tenants to make payments on deposit and other move-in costs.

HB 2535 mandates a five-day grace period for rent payments.  If rent is not paid by the 6th, late fees can be charged back to the first day rent was delinquent.

SB 5600 increases the notice to pay rent or vacate from 3 days to 14.  Defines rent as all recurring charges, including utilities, parking, and storage fees.

2021 Legislative Session

HB 1236 requires, with very few exceptions, landlords to give a reason for a notice to vacate.  The law provides for 16 reasons.  The amount of notice varies depending on the reason for the notice.

SB 5160 provides tenant protections during and after public health emergencies, providing for legal representation in eviction cases, establishing an eviction resolution pilot program for nonpayment of rent cases, and authorizing landlord access to state rental assistance programs.

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