Did you know... November 23, 2020


That sending a notice via text or email is not enforceable?  There are very specific requirements regarding serving a notice to a tenant.  These include:

  1. A copy must be either hand delivered or posted on the door. You must knock on the door before posting.
  2. There must be an individual copy for each adult occupant, even if married or otherwise related.  Include an additional copy for “all other occupants,” in case anyone else is residing in the rental.
  3. If the notice(s) is posted on the door, another copy for each occupant must be mailed from within the county where the property is located.  When mailed, an additional day must be included in the day count.
  4. If the notice is sent via certified mail, it must also be mailed via regular mail.

Notices to vacate under the Governor’s Eviction Moratorium must also include a notarized affidavit, signed by the owner, attesting to the owner’s intention to either move into the rental property or to sell the property.

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