Did you know... August 31, 2020

COVID-19 and unpaid rent in Washington State

That there are a number of reasons why a landlord should work with tenants unable to pay rent in full due to the pandemic?

  • The governor’s eviction moratorium requires landlords to provide a “reasonable” payment plan to tenants unable to pay rent.
  • Financial rescue efforts that were largely effective in keeping tenants in their homes, are ending.
  • Nationally between 15 and 20% of tenants have been unable to pay residential rent.  In some markets that number is as high as 59%.
  • A tenant who hasn’t been able to pay rent in full thus far won’t suddenly have enough money to pay back past due rent when the moratorium is lifted.
  • wave of evictions would hurt landlords, too. Experts predict that nationally the vacancy rate will peak at 7%, and rents will drop by about 8%.  As vacancies increase, days on market are likely to also increase and rents to decrease.
  • Housing experts predict we may see as many as two million evictions in September alone – the amount the U.S. usually sees over an entire year.

If landlords and tenants can work together to negotiate a payment plan that the tenant can adhere to, it may be to the advantage of both.

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