Did you know... July 13, 2020


That Seattle has a new ordinance about roommates?  Effective July 1st, tenants can more easily add roommates to current leases.  Here are the highlights:

  1. Tenants must inform the landlord within 30 days of moving someone into the rental.
  2. A non-family roommate can be screened and can be denied occupancy based on screening. 
  3. Immediate family can be screened, but cannot be denied occupancy.
  4. Screening criteria must be the same for added occupants as for the original tenant.
  5. A non-family roommate may be required to join the rental agreement with 30-days written notice. If the roommate does not join the rental agreement in 30 days, they must vacate within 15 days. (45 days total)
  6. Immediate family cannot be required to join a rental agreement. They can be listed as authorized occupants.
  7. Except for a screening fee, no other move-in charges can be applied to the added household member. All original terms of the rental agreement remain the same. 

According to the city council, the goal of the regulation is to make rentals more affordable and to prevent evictions.

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