Did you know... June 29, 2020


The Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RLTA) has provisions for a variety of penalties for landlords who violate its terms.  For instance, a landlord who violates the source of income clause, can be held liable for up to four and one-half times the monthly rent plus court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.  While there is no statewide enforcement mechanism for the RLTA enforcement, many cities not only have their own penalty structures, they may also create their own enforcement offices.

In Seattle, the penalties for most violations (after a 30-day cure period) are as much as $500 per day. When there are multiple violations, the fines can be substantial. There are numerous examples of owners receiving fines in the thousands of dollars. In Tacoma, there is a table of potential fines for non-compliance of rental ordinances

Many cities have fines for violations of city ordinance.  Fines can be imposed for violations such as noise, waste, rodents, broken down cars, etc.

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