Did you know... March 9, 2020


There are many new issues for rental properties when it comes to the coronavirus.  Per the Landlord Tenant Act, tenants have the “reasonable” right to say no to a proposed appointment to view the property, either for an inspection or to show the property to a potential buyer or tenant.  Whether it is reasonable for a tenant to say they don’t want the property entered because they are worried about exposure to the COVID 19 virus is an unknown.  Whatever restrictions are imposed, whether limiting showings or requiring visitors to use a sanitizer before entry, apply them to everyone.

Per THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTOR’S advisory, “you can ask about travel and signs of respiratory illness and refuse to drive consumers who may be at high risk for coronavirus due to travel or symptoms of respiratory illness,” but you must do this indiscriminately. Follow this link for details. https://www.nwrealtor.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Coronavirus-Guidance-for-REALTORS-03-05-20.pdf

Landlords need to understand that they may be assuming potential liability if they require access and a tenant becomes ill with the coronavirus, even if the source of the illness is unknown.

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