Did you know... February 17, 2020


Half of Seattle residents lived in rentals in 2018. Seattle had its highest percentage of home ownership in the 1960s when two thirds of all residents lived in owner-occupied residences.  Per census data, since then the percentage of renters has been steadily increasing.  Between 2013 and 2018, the number of renters increased by 16%.  This is largely because 75% of new residents are adults under 40, many of whom aren’t able to purchase and/or are not interested in owning.

In some neighborhoods of Seattle, the percentage of renters is as much as 93.2%.  See interactive map, showing percentages by neighborhood throughout King County*.

The city with the highest percentage of renters last year was Miami, at 67%, followed by New York City (64%) and Boston (63%). The lowest percentage was in Virginia Beach (33%).

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