Did you know... October 28, 2019


Managing a rental property is getting more complicated every day!  Not only have changes been made on the state level, but counties and have enacted a number of regulations and are considering more.  The Rental Housing Association lists the following as considered or passed in 2019, along with policies being considered in 2020.  Anyone managing or owning residential rental properties must be aware of these changes.


  • Federal Way: Just Cause Ballot Initiative
  • Federal Way: Rental Inspection Program
  • Auburn: Rental Inspection Program
  • Burien: Just Cause
  • Burien: Renter Information Packet
  • Burien: Rental Inspection Program
  • Burien: Installment Payment Plans on Deposits and Move-in Fees
  • Seattle: Domestic Violence Rental Damages
  • Seattle: Notice of Intent to Sell 
  • Seattle: Unauthorized Occupancy Protections 
  • Seattle: Local Rent Control
  • Seattle: 180-days Notice to Increase Rent


  • Tacoma: Installment Payment Plans on Deposits and Move-in Fees
  • Tacoma: 60-day Notice to terminate tenancy
  • Tacoma: 60-day Notice to Increase Rent
  • Tacoma: Renter Information Packet 
  • Tacoma: Renter Relocation Assistance 
  • Renton: Rental Inspection Program
  • Kent: Rental Inspection Program
  • Kenmore: 90-day Notice to Increase Rent
  • King County: Just Cause
  • King County: Renter’s Commission
  • King County: Inclusionary Zoning
  • King County Relocation Assistance
  • Olympia: Renter Protections
  • Kent: Just Cause
  • Tacoma: Inclusionary Zoning
  • Tacoma: Just Cause
  • Lynnwood: Renter Protections
  • Everett: Renter Protections
  • Spokane: Renter Protections


  • Statewide: Just Cause
  • Statewide: Security Deposit Payment Plans
  • Statewide: Criminal Record Ban for Tenant Screening
  • Statewide: Rent Control

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Nothing found herein should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a legal opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of law. You should not rely solely on this information. We encourage our clients to work with a lawyer experienced in commercial and/or residential real estate matters as they can be complicated and confusing.