Did you know... July 15, 2019

WASHINGTON STATE – Rental Regulations

There are multiple regulations regarding rentals in Washington State.  Besides federal and state laws, many local jurisdictions also have regulations.

Many cities have regulations limiting short-term rentals, which are defined as less than 30 days. Local cities with restrictions on short-term rentals include Bellevue, Kirkland, Seattle, and Kent. These often limit the number of short-term rentals an owner can operate as well as the number of days they may be rented per year.

Tacoma, Seattle and Bellingham have rental inspection ordinances. The city of Burien is currently discussing implementing an inspection ordinance. 

Many cities require a business license and/or registration.

Landlords must comply with Fair Housing laws, the Washington State Residential Landlord Tenant Act, plus whatever local ordinances apply.  These laws have changed dramatically in the last few years so constant education is necessary. 

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