Did you know... February 11, 2019


It’s cold outside

Frozen pipes can occur even in occupied properties.  Here are some tips for prevention:

Locate the main water shut off before a broken pipe occurs. 

Disconnect all hoses; if the water freezes in the hose, it can break the spigot. 

Most new spigots have a shut off valve inside the house or garage; shut off any spigots with this feature.

Put spigot covers on all outside faucets.

Make sure that there is some heat on in the house at all times, including when no one is home.

Keep the garage door closed so any heat will be kept inside.

If the temperature drops below 20° during the day, let water trickle in all the faucets.

In periods of extreme cold, leave cupboard doors open under sinks on exterior walls so the heat will get to the pipes.

If none of the foregoing works, sell your house and move to Florida! 🙂

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