Did you know... March 2, 2018


The HUD guideline of ‘two plus one’ needs to be considered only a guideline.  The rule of two persons per bedroom plus one extra, would allow for seven occupants in a three-bedroom rental (3×2 + 1).  However, HUD has clearly indicated that this is only a guideline.  A recent case in California involved a family of 12 that applied for a 2,583-square foot home where the landlord denied tenancy because the family, “had too many kids.”

Per HUD, what is reasonable for a specific home depends on the size and configuration of the property – including the number of bedrooms, the size of the bedrooms, the total living space, if there are any physical limitations in the home, the ages of the children and “other relevant factors.”  Although the landlord thought he was safe by applying the two plus one rule when he denied the family of 12, he lost.

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