Uncategorized March 18, 2013

Rental Homes – The new normal?

A recent National Survey of Renters by the Opinion Research Corporation* found that single-family rental homes is the fastest growing housing option in America?  The survey found that 52% of all rental buildings in America are single-family homes, housing 27% of all renters.

The survey also discovered that half of all renters (52%), including 60% of single family renters and 44% of apartment dwellers, said they anticipate becoming homeowners in the next five years.

“The near term interest in becoming homeowners among single family tenants reflects the new roles single family rentals are fulfilling as a stepping stone to homeownership for first-‐time buyers and as a sanctuary for large numbers of families displaced by foreclosures but who plan to buy again when they can afford to do so.”

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Rentals, the new normal