Uncategorized February 11, 2013

Count the days!

Just as in Washington State Purchase and Sales Agreements, days are counted differently in rental agreements?  Here are the most common examples:

3 Day Pay Rent or Vacate Notice – the day the notice is delivered isn’t counted, nor are weekends and holidays.  (If the notice is served on Thursday, Friday is day one, Monday is day two and Tuesday is day three.)

10 Day Notice to Comply with the Terms of the Lease or Vacate – weekend days count.

20 Day Notice to Vacate – Must be delivered 20 calendar days before the end of the rental payment period (usually the end of the month).next rent payment is due.  If rent is due on the first of the month, on May 15th the soonest a notice to vacate could be given would be for the end of June.

30 Day Notice to Change the Terms of the Lease, including raising the rent – Notice must be delivered by the first of the month.  Can only be given at the end of the lease or when the tenant is on a month-to-month lease rental agreement.

These are confusing and there are always exceptions.  Please contact Coldwell Banker Bain Property Management for further assistance!