Uncategorized October 8, 2012

Seattle Washington – Rental Property Inspections

The city of Seattle has passed an ordinance requiring registration and inspection of all rental properties beginning in 2014?

Under the legislation all properties with 10 or more rental units will have to register with the city by July 1, 2014; from five to nine units by December 31, 2014, and from one to four units by December 31, 2016. Property owners initially will complete a checklist certifying that the housing meets city health and safety codes. The plan is for all rental units to be inspected within 10 years and, once inspected, to be on a five-year cycle for re-inspection.

Seattle is the fourth city in the state to create such a requirement for registration and inspections. Des Moines’ and Burien’s were largely overturned by the courts but Pasco’s was upheld, which prompted Seattle City Council’s directive.